Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery


Wedding Stationery. Beautiful, beautiful wedding stationery. *swoon*

If you’re reading this blog post it’s likely you’ve recently got engaged and / or are ready to start planning your wedding. Hey – congratulations! You’ve got lots of exciting times ahead and we want to help you prepare for your big day.

Wedding stationery can seem confusing. There’s so much choice and a different piece for each part of your celebration. Use the checklist below to help decide what stationery you need and when and most importantly, whether you and your future husband or wife want it! Then, leave the rest to us….


Before the Wedding:

We know you know weddings require a fair amount of preparation but remember that’s not just for you! Your guests need to be prepped and planned so they can celebrate with you smoothly. That’s where wedding stationery comes in! We suggest including these items in the build-up to the wedding to make sure everyone knows when it will be taking place and where they need to be.

  • Save the Date cards: Once you have your date, you’re going to want to send these out pronto! Telling your guests exactly when you’re tying the knot will give them enough notice to book the time off, they need.


  • Day/Evening Invitations: Wedding invitations are widely regarded as the most well-known pieces of wedding stationery. These usually follow Save the Date cards once your plans are firmed up, or, they can be the first piece you send out. Invites should include where and when the celebration is taking place and also, what part the guest is invited to. (You don’t want a guest list faux pas!)


  • Information/Direction Sheets: Out of town guests may not be familiar with the location of the venue for your ceremony or reception so we recommend supplying extra details with your invites, often on a separate insert for safe keeping. This would include directions, nearby hotels, parking information and any other helpful hints your guests may require.


  • RSVP Cards: This traditional counterpart to the invite makes RSVP’ing as easy as possible. It’s also exciting for you as you begin to see confirmations arriving through the post! They could be pre-stamped and include your return address. Some couples ask for their guest’s favourite song or memory of the happy couple to be included, to help personalise their attendance.


The Wedding Day:

On the day itself you could have as little or as much wedding stationery as you like! From direction notices, to table numbers, seating plans and favour boxes. You name it, you could have it!!


  • Order of Service: Church or civil ceremony, having an order of service will show your guests what they are about to witness. They are also a great way to get people settled once they are seated.


  • Table Plans: I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to seeing where I’ll be sitting, and who with, at a wedding! We recommend having a display at the entrance of the dining area which clearly shows who is sitting where. Get creative too! Think about how your wedding theme can carry through to your seating plan.


  • Table Number/Name: These link back to the table plan and will help your guests find their seat quickly. Have fun with these! Remember – think theme!


  • Place Cards: Make sure your guests sit next to the right person with place cards. A well thought out seating plan can really enhance the atmosphere at your wedding breakfast. These can also make good wedding favours too.


  • Menu Card: If you plan to have a sit-down meal with all your guests then menu cards help to whet the appetite. Tell your guests what they’re going to be feasting on and listen out for the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’!
  • Favour Boxes: Wedding favours are a little gift for your guests to take away with them as a reminder of the day. These can be as simple as you like, perishable or not, and can be one size fits all or tailored to everyone there. The options are endless.


After the Wedding:

Wrap up the wedding stationery cycle with one simple piece…

Thank You Cards: Show your appreciation for gifts, attendance and support on the day. These are for guests as well as the bridal party. Hand written and in keeping with your wedding theme, they’ll seal the experience of your magical moment.


Well, that’s our wedding stationery checklist. These are, of course, only a guide. What you need or want will depend entirely on how you plan to exchange vows and celebrate your union.

If you’re unsure of what you need, check out our own gorgeous range of wedding stationery and contact Ali to have a chat.



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